Director Stephen Vittoria and Mumia Abu-Jamal
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Renowned journalist Chris Hedges sits with Mumia Abu-Jamal and discusses the American Empire and Mass Incarceration.
“I am sitting in the visiting area of the SCI Mahanoy prison in Frackville, Pa., on a rainy, cold Friday morning with Mumia Abu-Jamal, America’s most famous political prisoner and one of its few authentic revolutionaries. He is hunched forward on the gray plastic table, his dreadlocks cascading down the sides of his face, in a room that looks like a high school cafeteria.” READ MORE

The Ballsiness of the Long Distance Runner:
A Chat With Mumia Abu-Jamal

"Mumia Abu-Jamal has been one of journalism's most outspoken voices for nearly 40 years. However, Mumia's greatest fame has come not from his written work, but from the fact that he is one of the most famous state "employees" in the country: he has been in state prison since 1982, serving on death row until just over a year ago." READ MORE

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